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Who is AYS and how are we At Your Service?

AYS Employee Leasing 101 – A Lesson in Our History…

AYS Employee Leasing had its inception as a division of At Your Service Temporary Employment Agency, established in Vero Beach, Florida, in 1987. It all began when clients expressed a desire for the convenience of consolidated billing for comprehensive human resource administration, encompassing their entire workforce, transcending the traditional scope limited to temporary hires. This marked the inception of AYS, a turning point in our journey as our clientele began to expand.

During this beginning stage, the Employee Leasing industry itself was in its fledgling state, evolving primarily to meet insurance requirements. AYS was pivotal in redefining the landscape by incorporating it under the broader umbrella of Human Resources. Owner Deborah Segal was an instrumental force, leading the charge by spearheading the Human Resource sector within the National Association of Professional Employer Organizations (NAPEO), which serves as the industry's principal collective voice.

Unlike merely offering insurance programs at scaled group rates to small business proprietors, AYS Employee Leasing distinguished itself by providing invaluable counsel on employment matters. This paradigm shift facilitated an increase in clients' operational efficiency by relieving business owners of the substantial burden associated with singularly managing their workforce. Their primary focus remained dedicated to perfecting their products and services, rather than the intricate realm of employee administration.

Early on, in Florida, Employee Leasing companies were not licensed in the State. As that changed, AYS Employee Leasing was easily able to comply and was one of the State’s initial PEO’s (Professional Employer Organizations).

AYS Employee Leasing continued to serve its client-base with unparalleled customer service. Deborah Segal was soon appointed by the Governor to the Department of Business and Professional Regulation’s Board of Employee Leasing which oversaw all government regulation of Employee Leasing companies in the State.

As a brokerage, Andrew Segal was able to gain insights as to how other PEO’s were operating and found innovative or unconventional solutions to streamline numerous processes that would greatly reduce overhead. This actually meant INCREASING customer service and quality of work at LOWER administrative fees to our clients. In today’s climate, many PEO’s and payroll companies are reducing their fees in lieu of quality and charging extra for services normally included. AYS Employee Leasing stands behind its personalized payment options.

And how is that working for us? So far, so good!

Is a PEO right for you?

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